BrickUniverses offers all those amazing features, plus much, much more awaiting to be discovered.

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Keeping children safe is important to us:

At BrickUniverses we take child safety very seriously, right from day one, we have countless measures to safeguard kids on our platform.

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Chat with us easier then ever before:

At BrickUniverses we love to hang out with our awesome members and discover whats happening with them!

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Meet, Matt! :)

Matt, can help you with heaps of things! Just click the chat icon to reach him! He will also be there when you register for a new BrickUniverse account!

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More then one way to join:

We have a free to download mobile app, which is currently on Google Play and Amazon! (IOS not supported).

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Here's what we offer:

Easy to use

BrickUniverse's has been designed from the start, to be very easy to use for anyone.

Safe & Supportive

We ensure you have a safe and supportive experience, not only on our website but on all our other platforms assoicated with our brand.

100% Free Forever

We are completely free, forever, unless you decide you want to upgrade to a BrickUniverse+ pricing plan, however that is completely optional.

Taking Privacy Seriously

Privacy is not only a important value we do, but also what we expect, from everyone who uses our site or services on a daily baisis.

Customize Settings

You can customize your very own settings to reflect what your interests are on BrickUniverses, as well as keep your account safe and secure.

24 Bit Encryption

We protect your data, by having 24 / 7 security networks montior your data and our site as a whole, and by shutting down any possible breach attempts before they occur. We'e trusted by thousands of people daily.

Some important (and boring) figures:






Store Items


3 to 5 Star Reviews

Our top features in a nutshell:


Not liking a current item? You can easily trade or swap it with other users to get something you really do want! (BrickUniverse+ Required)


Creating / joining clans is a excellent way to promote your own company, but to find new friends who are likeminded as well.


Making friends on BrickUniverses is very easy and simple to do, just click the 'Add Friend' button on their profile to friend them!


We have not left out the developers, you can use our APIs, bots and even our Developer Portal to generate oauth tokens and more.

Our amazing team

These are the CEOs of BrickUniverses that make the hard work happen.

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the idiot ---> Benjy#0001

Secondary Founder

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Primary Founder & Owner

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Co Founder

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Co Owner